Monday, March 12, 2012

Running/Hiking Week in Review

March 5-11

Tuesday: 5.74 miles of running followed by a .62 mile uphill walk "cool down."
I explored new territory and found a route along lots of horse ranches.

When you are loaded, you spend lots of money on a fancy gate for your ranch.

Wednesday: Arm weights + crunches. Specifics on Daily Mile.
5.21 miles of running followed by a .76 mile uphill walk "cool down."

I attempted speed work in a new park that I thought was flat, based on what I saw from driving past it a few times.  It turns out I was wrong and that speed work is very challenging on an incline.  But I still tried all the intervals I set out to do.
Goal was 6x800 in 4:08 with 90 second rest intervals. 4/6 weren't bad.

Friday: 5.7 mile tempo run.  Goal tempo pace was 9:20; my average pace was 9:07.  Flat route for a change.
Pushups+Crunches, more here.

Saturday: 8.15 mile run, Average pace was 9:42. I don't really know what this run was as it wasn't quite an official long run.  Just running.

Total running miles: 26.18

Plus a little hiking:
Sunday: 5.22 mile hike at East Canyon.

Elevation Gain: 1153', all in the first half.
I guess while it's maintained by the Santa Monica Mountains Conservancy, it's technically the Santa Susana Mountains.



Snake hanging out in the middle of the path. Luckily it isn't the kind that rattles.

Also came across this crazy little lizard. Bronze body, bright blue tail.
At the top, looking West-ish

At the top, looking East-ish

On our way back down, looking North East


  1. Wait, you have to be loaded to have gates like that? I should return mine; I had them gold encrusted, to keep it classy.

  2. The scenery there is unreal. I would completely flip out if I saw a snake on a trail! Nice job on those paces even with the hills!

  3. wow - you are definitely not in jersey anymore! beautiful!

  4. I was getting really jealous your trails, but then I saw the snake. Yikes!

    1. I really wanted to do more trail running but the potential wildlife encounters here make me think I shouldn't do it alone. I can't keep all the rules straight for rattlesnakes, bears, mountain lions, coyotes... But apparently in the summer the running group does trail runs once or twice a week. Safety in numbers?

  5. Pretty pictures! Looks like you are having a great time!

  6. These photos are amazing. I can't get over seeing snakes when I run - it still creeps me out big time!


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