Thursday, March 29, 2012

Hills Build Character

A fast and wise Angry Runner once told me “hills build character,” so here we go.  After running the Chesebro trail half last weekend I’m even more determined to do better on hills.

Running varied hilly routes each week doesn’t really tell me if I’m improving.  So I decided on a short little hilly route to serve as a gauge for my progress on hills.  I’ll run it once a week, or if that gets really boring, once every two weeks.  It looks a little something like this:

Hilly Run

I ran the 3.1 miles in 32:54.  Not super fast, I know, but I “ran” (it wasn’t pretty) most of that distance, with the exception of one walk break from mile 1.8-1.9.  That’s significantly less walking than I did on a similar route a few weeks ago.

Thank you for all the responses on my post last week about training plans. I think I’ll stick with Run Less Run Faster, but adding in a couple shorter runs.  I only gave RLRF 6.5 weeks in the fall and saw serious progress, so I’d like to see how much improvement I can make with 12 weeks of that plan.

Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday Sunday
3 mi Hills Track Easy
or Rest
Tempo Bike
or Rest
Long Hike?

We’ll see how that goes. If the added mileage doesn’t work, I’ll revisit.


  1. Running a regular hilly route is an awesome idea, it will give you a good idea of your progress - plus you'll be a beast at hills by the end of it ;) I think I need to incorporate more hills in my workouts. I REALLY wanted to run a 2 hour half for my last half marathon but it was hilly, windy and the hills on the second part of the course left me drained and with no energy to kick it up for the last part of the run. I need to get better at them so I can do this 2 hour thing at my next half in June!!

  2. All we have around our house are hills and I hate it. But it'll be good practice for my two upcoming races. Good job getting it done.

  3. Hills are hard to find since I moved back to Texas from the Carolina's.

  4. Running hills will make such a strong runner! I think. I don't know, I avoid them. :)

  5. That looks torturous, but you are going to get super fast and killer leg muscles from that route.

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