Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Holy Hills + February Recap

For the last 11 days, my legs have been trying to adapt to these:

Fri run

I think it’s safe to say that I don’t need to do any dedicated hill training now that this is my terrain for long runs, speed work, and tempo runs.

February Recap
In two words: Kinda lame.

Feb 1-5: 75 minutes of yoga, 6.22 miles of running
Feb 6-12: 9.06 miles of running, approximately 29 hours of sitting in a car.
Feb 13-19: 5.13 miles of running, approximately 22 hours of sitting in a car.
Feb 20-26:  24.51 miles of running + 6 hrs of skiing 
Feb 27-28: 3.8 miles of running (+ a longer run today)

February Totals: 1 yoga class, 48.72 miles of running, 6 hours of downhill skiing.

I did some a couple sets of pushups throughout the month, probably 1x/week, on average.  I hope packing and unpacking counts for something; there was some heavy lifting involved.  I did an occasional plank here and there but no specific core work.

I am aware that going from three weeks of <10 miles of running to a week with 24 miles of running might be stupid, but I needed to move!  I felt fine throughout my running and in fact, the one day of skiing impacted my calves more than the hill running did (Seriously, I took 2 days off from running: I only wore compression socks or calf sleeves, foam roller-ed them, and walked a lot).

I’m saying it now so I will stick to it: My goal for March is to run 25 miles a week, with a day of arm stuff/pushups, and a day of core stuff (crunches/planks).  This weekend I've decided I will join a local running group so I can meet some people in the area and learn some new running routes!


  1. I've always said that I never need to do hill training because, if i run outside, i'm running a hill workout. It's the worst.

  2. I hate hills. Good Luck on getting acustom to the hills. UGG

  3. WOW those hills are intense!! I would be dying. Can't wait to hear how the running group goes! Considering you moved cross country, I'm pretty impressed you got any running done at all!

  4. Those are insane hills! Maybe the running group can show you some flat routes!

  5. Great hills!! I wish we had more...have fun!


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