Sunday, July 24, 2011

You Rule!

That's Yogurtland's motto.

After reading about Yogurtland on several blogs for quite some time, I looked them up online to see where the closest one was, expecting it to be states away.  Or at least up in NYC.

Imagine my surprise when I saw there was one not too far from my work!!  (By the way, the next closest one to New Jersey is South Carolina).

I made immediate plans to check it out.

Stalker photo from my parked car:

Upon stepping inside, I was instantly offered sample cups.

There were so many options!  You put whatever flavors (there were probably 20?)/ and how much frozen yogurt you want in your cup,  then you pick and scoop your own toppings from probably about 40 choices, anything from fruit to nuts to cereal to candy.  Then you weigh your cup and pay per ounce.

Back to the frozen yogurt-

I was drawn to the toasted coconut.  I tried the taro out of curiosity.  And I sampled dutch chocolate.  The taro was described as being similar to sweet potato flavor.  It wasn't bad, but it didn't wow me and I was already set on the coconut.  I paired the coconut with the dutch chocolate.

I added some almonds, coconut shavings, Oreos because they called to me, and strawberries so I could say I ate a fruit.

Five days later, my second trip.

I sampled the mango, the key lime tart, and strawberry.
I chose half mango, half strawberry.  Key lime tart was good, but very tart, and I wasn't feeling it.

For toppings, I added a variety of fruit including pineapple, kiwi, blackberries, and raspberries.

Delicious.  I'll be baaa-acccck!

Do you like frozen yogurt?
Have a frozen yogurt place near you?
Been to a Yogurtland before?


  1. Yum! I only tried self-serve frozen yogurt a few months ago but I love it so much. Never been to a Yogurtland brand store though!

  2. Oh wow that looks so good!!! I have never had frozen yogurt before but now want to more than ever

  3. Yogurtland is amazing, it was a highlight of my trip to California! I went almost every day in Santa Barbara! We have nothing comparable in Toronto, we have self-serve fro=yo places but they're much more expensive. : (

  4. AHHH! I just saw this the other day when I went to BJs - I was wondering about it, going there tonight post run!!!!

  5. I got super excited that there might be a yogurtland near me, but no such luck. A self service place just opened near us though, I've been twice, it's ridiculously amazing. Dangerous. I could spend many paychecks there. I just stopped kidding myself and started ignoring the fruit, and piling on the oreos and cookie dough. Fruit is not dessert.

  6. Glad to see Yogurtland made its way over there! I love it and go there all the time. For a while I literally went there everyday when I lived close enough to walk to one. But you are too good - when I go, I get about 5 diff flavors of froyo all mixed in and then I top it all with white chocolate chips, Crunch bar or Kit Kat, or something to that effect. LOL... I usually end up with overflowing amount of candy... definitely a cheat meal! But so worth it!!!


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