Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Long time runner, first time pacer

I started writing a recap of my trip to Yosemite in mid-September, then apparently got distracted looking through my pictures deciding which ones to include in my post.

Aaaand a month later, here I am.

Let’s recap some running and biking.  Since July, when  got a road bike, I’ve been riding my bike more.

94 miles of running, 36 miles of cycling

104 miles of running, 77 miles of cycling

71 miles of running, 34 miles of hiking, 59 miles of cycling

At the end of September I was asked about being a pacer for the local half marathon.  After giving it some thought, I agreed.  I’ll be pacing the 2:10 group at the half marathon this Sunday.  It will be my first time being a pacer, but I am familiar with the course.  I’m a little nervous, but my long runs lately have averaged between upper 8s and mid 9s pace, so I will be able to comfortably run a ~9:50 pace while holding a sign/balloons/etc.  It will be a nice change to hopefully help some other runners meet their race goals.

Since getting back from our trip last month, the weather cooled off significantly and I am trying to run more like 4-5 times a week, with 1-2 bike rides/week.  I’ve been making more of an effort to get to track every week, I’ve thrown in a short mid-week trail run, and a tempo run or a route with a long, good-sized hill.  I notice I tend to avoid tempo runs…so I need to make myself do them more.

Once I knew I wouldn’t be “racing” the Santa Clarita half, I signed up for the Santa to the Sea half marathon December 8th.  My training has been going fairly well: my long run pace and my track work splits have dropped, so I’m looking forward to attempting a PR in December.

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