Sunday, August 11, 2013

Races I Could Run

I missed out on a PR-potential half marathon this spring, so I’d like to go for sub 1:54 this fall.  Really, since I’ve been pretty light on racing this year, I’d be ok with running a few races this fall: a couple road halfs for a PR and some fun on trails.

So far this year I’ve run the Bandit 30k, the Great Race of Agoura Hills Chesebro Half Marathon, a July 4th 10k, and a few 3 mile XC races this summer.

Here’s a few I’m considering for the fall:

September 8: Ventura Half Marathon

October 5: Agoura RAD 10 Miler

  • Run starts from Paramount Ranch
  • A different distance.
  • Last year they gave out pint glasses instead of medals which is a plus in my book.

October 26: Haunted Trails of the Night 10k

  • Night time Trail race from Paramount ranch.
  • New race put on by a great trail race director.

November 3: Santa Clarita Half Marathon

  • Cheap. $59 – minus another 20% through my running group.
  • Need to redeem myself on this course after last year.

November 23: Griffith Park Trail Half Marathon

  • Hard course, but a fun and well-organized race.
  • Ran it last year.
  • On the Cons list, it’s pricey.

December 1: High Desert 30k (Ridgecrest)

  • Another attempt at a 30k?
  • Running friends ran it last year. Quirky homemade “medals.”
  • Trail races are just awesome in general.

December 7: Paramount Ranch Trail Half Marathon

  • This is the third race in consideration starting from Paramount Ranch. Weird.

December 8: Santa to the Sea Half Marathon

  • PR Course from last year
  • Would be my 3rd race of the Gold Coast Series, earning me a jacket.
  • Mostly flat course, good support, but Point-to-Point is a PITA if you don’t have someone to drop you off at the start.


What races are you running this fall?
What are you fall racing goals?

SoCal folks- run any of these before? Any others I should put on my list?


  1. What about the Silver Strand half in San Diego? Super flat course, but wind is occasionally a factor. Small race, really well run.

    Or Long Beach...also super flat, but occasionally windy along the water.

    1. Long Beach is about an hour and a half south of us, if no traffic...But a lot of people in my running group do it. I'll have to consider it. San Diego, much farther. I've never run a race that requires staying at a hotel the night before, out of my cheapness and not inconveniencing my husband and dog :)

  2. I have no races on my calendar right now (well, except my running store's 20 miler in two weeks, but that doesn't count because it was free) and it feels! I am loving just running however I feel like it.

    1. This is a long time for me to have not run a bigger race. It's been nice running with no pressure, but I sort of want another couple races to gauge my progress. After my first long trail run in 2+ months last weekend though, I may put off trail races for a while longer...


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