Friday, November 16, 2012

Remediation Plan

1. Get over it.

2. Keep up with speed work and tempo runs.

  • Check.
  • Tuesday: 6x800 in 3:38-3:43
  • Thursday: 5 mile tempo run at 8:25 avg pace

3. Add some core work into the  mix again.

  • I haven’t devoted any time to abs in…many months. It can’t hurt.

4. Run this race for fun tomorrow morning (and for free, thanks to Pavement Runner and INKnBURN)

…where I will get to try out my new Dirty Girl gaiters:

000_0003  000_0002 


I may need them not only to keep stones and dirt out of my shoes, but maybe mud, too:

gpth forecast

At least it won’t be too cold?

5.  Do some more long [road] runs. Like maybe, a 14 and an 11-12 miler.

6. Perhaps try for a PR again at this race in 3 weeks. Worst case, it’s a fun Christmas-themed run.



  1. All of the above sounds like a good plan to me! Good luck at the race today...I hope they are off about the rain part! Have a great weekend girl. :)

  2. Those are amazing stats for your speedwork - you are inspiring me to get back to it! I haven't run fast in so long it feels - that would be a nice change of pace!

  3. There is something so funny about a Christmas themed run with a picture of a woman running on the beach in shorts.

  4. Hi Amanda! Thanks for stopping by my (soon-to-be defunct) blog and following me on Twitter (where I do plan to stay). That looks like quite a race you did over the weekend--I'll be interested in the report. I love trail races!

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