Saturday, May 21, 2011

Longest Post Ever.

Week in Review:
Monday- an easy 3.02 miles
Tuesday- 6x400@5k pace = 3.60 miles
Wednesday- Strength stuff in my living room
Thursday- Chocolate cake with cherries + Milk Stout for hubby's birthday.
Friday- 30 35 minute tempo run in the morning = 3.32 miles
Saturday- half marathon expo

Good thing it was a little bit of a taper this week, because work whooped me this week.  I can also tell how busy/tired I am because my Gmail inbox is over 150, which is ridiculous.  I need to take some time to clean that up tomorrow.

Monday's dinner... and leftovers for lunch throughout the entire week:
Creamy Caprese Pasta from How Sweet it Is.
I actually read the recipe on her blog that day, before going grocery shopping after work.  It looked awesome and sounded easy enough so it became dinner that night.

-I used half whole wheat penne and half whole wheat up the leftover pasta in our pantry.
-I had 17 ounces of pasta instead of 16.
-I initially cut up 4 oz of mozzarella, but ended up using more like 6 oz after slicing some extra for the top of the pasta dish before it went in the oven.
-The sauce I used was vodka sauce (see above, operation: use what's in the pantry)
-It completely filled an 8" x 8" x 4" deep baking dish

Tuesday: Haircut:

It was long overdue.  Last chop was November.

Details of my Tuesday Speed Work:
After my hair was blow-dried and had anti-frizz stuff in it, I put it in a pony tail and ran.

Goal pace was in the 9:24-9:28 range.
Not very consistent...but consistently faster than 9:24!

I shocked myself with that first 400...while fast, it was strangely NOT uncomfortable!  Maybe after this fourth half marathon is past me, and my legs have recovered, I'll see how fast I can run a mile.  I might be pleasantly surprised.

Wednesday I did strength stuff in my living room:

2 x 10 stability ball pushups
10 chest pushups on knees
10 tricep pushups on knees

3 x 25 regular crunches
2 x 40 bicycle crunches
2 x 45 sec plank on forearms
2 x 20 stability ball crunches
2 x 15 second laying on back with legs straight, feet 6" off ground
15 up and outs (for lower abs - lay on back, legs straight up in the air, bring down and then out straight in front of you. Repeat.)
2 x 20 russian twists w/5lb weight
plank sequence: 20 sec plank...turn to right side, left arm in air: 8 reaches with left arm, 20 sec plank, turn to left side: 8 reaches with right arm
10 jumping jacks

3 x 20 deadlift-->upright row w/5lb weights (see Tone It Up video here, at :58)
2 x 10 tricep extensions w/5lbs

2 x 15 squats with 5lbs
2 x 10 squats
2 x 10 lunges w/5lbs in each hand, arms at sides
30 second wall sit
2 x 30 lunges with bicep curl - alternating sides

No, not in that order. Yes, I wrote it all down as I did it.

Half marathon Expo/Packet Pickup in Philly.

 Parking Garage Fail ^

 Race Shirt - men's sizing only, so I hope my husband likes it.

Looking forward to the souvenir pint glass at the finish line :)

I think this is what I'm wearing tomorrow:

Sweaty band?  + Sunglasses if it's sunny. Or hat instead?
I'll probably bring it all and decide last minute.

Current forecast for tomorrow? Pretty perfect:

Race number pinned on. Garmin is charging. Pre-Race jitters starting to set in.

Going to try to force myself to bed at 9:30 (yikes), for a 5am wake up.

Then at 5am I will try to choke down a banana and some almond butter on toast when my body doesn't even know I'm awake and hungry yet.  Then a 45 minute drive to Philly, then run!

A Goal: sub-2:15 would be amazing! ( <10:19 pace)
B Goal: 2:15-2:17 would still be a PR (10:19-10:28 pace)
C Goal: sub-2:19 would also still be a PR :)  (<10:37 pace)


  1. I am super jealous of your weather in Philly. Go rock that 1/2 tomorrow!

  2. Yeah, Good Luck tomorrow!!! A sub 2:15 seems totally do-able from all your great training! That pasta looked so freakin good. :)

  3. Purrceptive & Jen - thanks!
    Nicole - thank you, I really hope so! And I highly recommend the pasta. It was good all week!

  4. I love how Thursday's main event was chocolate cake!!! Must have been the best day of the week :)

    Good luck!!

  5. Nice speed work - and I love that you totally didn't care that you just had your hair done...a runners gotta do what a runner's gotta do ;)

    Best of luck with your race!

  6. Go get it! Good luck on the race.
    Pasta looks yummy. And I hate when there are no women sizes. Especially when you're small and a men S looks like a L.

  7. I just ran this today and stumbled upon your blog right now. How random?! The weather was scaring me this morning but it ended up being a perfect cloudy day! I loved the race, what did you think?

    PS. Love the title of your blog, I'm totally the same way!

  8. Pasta looks great! Had to lol @ your hair needing a chop 'cause you hadn't done it since November....I am on the same schedule. Now it's gotten to the point where I'm embarrassed to call & make an appt. :-P Hate those mens-only race shirts husband (not a runner) has quite a collection of race shirts.

  9. Ha ha @the haircut face!

    I meant to ask: How are the pace gloves working out? How are you building your mileage in them?

  10. Christina- the chocolate cake was DEFINITELY my highlight!

    Cara- haha, I had no where to be hair can be outside for all of 5 minutes before it becomes a frizzy mess!

    TrailRunningChick- exactly! Any event over a couple hundred people should be able to have women's sizes, especially if women are making up over half of many of these events! This race had about 1500 people. RnR events have no excuse for unisex sizing...though they claim they will start with women's shirts in 2012.

    Spectaculaur- Thanks for stopping by! I enjoyed the run! Glad it stayed cloudly and under 65, perfect running weather! Hoping to get up a race recap soon, was going to wait for official race pics- but I really enjoyed the race!

    Barbara- haha...yeah, I kept meaning to get it cut, and always find some excuse to put it off. For the last 3 months. Around here, a supercuts haircut runs you $20, and on me, usually results in something looking like a I started going to a "real" hair salon, where it costs more (blah). I'd rather blow my money on running stuff and greek yogurt instead of haircuts, so I end up putting them off as long as possible! I'm kinda embarassed when I return after 6 months too, I wonder what they think!

    alison- Just starting to wear them. I checked out Merrell's info on easing into them. I walk around my apartment barefoot a lot already, and run on trails so I feel like I'm starting with decent ankle strength...but I just wore them for a 2 mile walk last week, and a 3 mile walk Friday night and didn't have any calf soreness yet. Didn't want to run in them before Sunday's half. Will have to do a post soon on that too!!


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