Monday, November 7, 2011

Techmology: what is THAT all about?

This post is not so much running-related as it is blog-related.

Sometime this summer (I think), Blogger finally got with the times and enabled a nice mobile version of blogger sites -- something WordPress seemed to have figured out many months before.

If you were to look on my blog from a smart phone, you'd see this:

...instead of a miniature version of what you would normally see on your computer monitor.

You can also easily comment on a mobile-enabled blog from your phone.  Like so.

Poll! Do you read blogs from your phone?

It's really easy to turn on the "mobile" version of your blog so people can read from their phones.

When you're on the main edit screen of Blogger where you can write new posts, click on Template.  You'll see what your blog currently looks like and a little "Mobile" option to the right.

Click on the funny little cog icon and you will see this:

The basics are numbers 1 and 2: Yes and Save.  If you want to get all advanced, see 1a., where you can pick a different template for the phone version.  Otherwise the default template looks like your regular blog background but mobile-version.

That is it for my public service announcement.

I will answer my own poll: I check blogs from my blackberry when I'm not at home and bored.

Let me know in the comments if you enabled the mobile version of your blog (blogger or wordpress) so I can distract myself with reading your blog on my phone when I should probably be doing something else.

See Ali G on Science and Techmology:


  1. my mobile version is enabled! i never really check from my blackberry though. too much of a pain. maybe if i had an iphone??

  2. I usually just read blogs on my phone via the google reader app but now I'll have to check this out.

  3. Thanks, Amanda! I enabled mine. I only read at home on the computer, if I allowed myself to read them anytime, anywhere, I can't even imagine ever getting anything productive done again. The last video? isn't playing, or showing up at all for me.


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