Monday, May 16, 2011

12 Miler

Saturday I ran 12.28 miles...Last long run before my half marathon next weekend!

You can say what you want about New Jersey, but I really have some nice running areas and varied running surfaces near me...all along the same run.  Have a look for yourself:


Gravel/Dirt Path

Grassy Meadow

Dirt Path through Tall Trees

Less swampy/More of a "wetland" when we have had rain.
Usually filled with the sounds of Spring Peepers

Dirt Path Along Canal
Now for some fun findings along my run--

I've heard of people being beaten with an ugly stick, but did not know it was available for purchase.

This goose was honking nonstop from a tree ten feet above the canal.  Maybe it was protecting nearby baby geese as it is that time of year, but I didn't see any yellow fuzzy ducks myself on this run.

This is a big blue heron, also sitting in a tree.

As  you can probably tell from my pictures, it was overcast, and about 65F.  There was a chance of thunderstorms, but luckily they held off for my run!

12.28 miles in 2 hours and 19 minutes, at an average pace of an easy 11:19.  My average moving pace was 10:58, but I stopped to take several pictures.  I decided to run the last couple miles at closer to half marathon pace- Mile 11 was at a 10:21 pace, Mile 12 at a 10:12 pace, and .16 mile at 10:17 pace before a brief walking cool down.

I had a Mint Chocolate gu at mile 5.0 and a Chocolate Outrage gu at mile 9.0.  And I brought my beloved handheld Camelbak Water bottle.  It was my first time trying Chocolate Outrage.  It tasted a lot like Mint Chocolate, just - not surprisingly - without the mint.

Oooh, and speaking of my upcoming half...remember once upon a time at my last half marathon when I donned a lovely temporary tattoo on my calf? 

 That valuable advertising space is still available for rent if anyone is interested.

Well, wearing that tattoo and dealing with the lady who asked me if it was a real tattoo (srsly?) paid off and I won a $50 gift card to a local (Philly) running store!


My husband laughs at me for all the contests and giveaways I enter, but you won't have a chance of winning if you never enter! Or, maybe I am just lucky.

Hopefully my "luck" holds up through this weekend, because this is what this week's forecast looks like.  I know it's still too early to know what the weather will be 5 6 days from now with any real certainty.  I'm counting on the rain to let up... Friday night.


  1. What are you planning on wearing? Will it be cold? or Rain?

  2. I like the temporary tattoo idea. Fun, congrats on the win and good luck next weekend!

  3. Mj- Just updated my post to show the forecast as of right now...In the "detailed" forecast, allegedly it will be a high of 76 and partly sunny. With an overnight low of 56, and a 7am start, the temperature should be pretty perfect for 13.1 miles :) Hoping there won't be any rain. I've surprisingly not thought too much about what I'll be wearing yet. I guess I was waiting to see what the weather would be like. Definitely shorts...probably a tank, because I don't like to be too warm? I'll have to update as it gets closer to Saturday.

    Kim- I may have been the only one from my April 3rd half to post a photo of the tattoo to their facebook page...haha. Works for me! Thanks for the well wishes!

  4. I'm glad you stopped to take pics during your run because they are awesome! I love seeing different peoples running terrains throughout the world via blogs! You have some beautiful scenery!

  5. That's a nice variety of landscape for one run.
    I just got myself the ultimate destination hand helf bottle and used it on a race this week end. It was a good addition to my collection of other water bottle devices (I also have a belt).

  6. The scenery is beautiful :) Good luck with your half and I look forward to your recap!

  7. I am definitely jealous of your runs! I live in a fairly big city, but run on a boardwalk along the waterfront sometimes, fortunately I don't live right downtown!

    Good luck on the half!

  8. You will do great - and love the shout out for Jersey :)- it will be better with the overcast anyway, supposed to get a little better weather for Sat. Have fun!!

  9. I love the portion with the tall trees.

    And score on the gift card!

  10. Cara- thanks! It is interesting to see where other people run.

    trailrunningchick- which do you prefer? or are they for different distances?

    alison- boardwalk running is nice too though! my first half marathon was along the jersey shore boardwalk, it was nice running by the ocean!

    MissFancyPants- I might have mentioned the wrong day for my half, it's actually Sunday. But the weather looks perfect for tomorrow!

    Kathleen- haha I laughed when I saw it. I guess it's something fishing-related.

    Thanks all, for the good luck wishes!


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