Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Recap: HM5, Week 8 Training + 4 Years

The Plan:


14  mi 
mid 4P 


13 mi 


What I did:

Mon 8/8: Ab Stuff: 100 stability ball crunches, 100 crunches reaching for the opposite knee, 50 v-sit twists w/ a 5lb weight and feet off the ground.

Tue 8/9: 1 E/5 Tempo/1 E run.
Which to be more specific, was actually: 1 Easy, 2x[2 mi @ Tempo pace, 1/2 mi recovery], 1 Easy.

Despite the mind games this tempo run played with me, I hit my goal paces! Goal was 9:30-9:50.  I ran the tempo miles in 9:35, 9:43, then 9:34, 9:37.  I cut the cool down a little short, but walked the dog right after so I'll say that I did cool down for the appropriate amount of time.

Total: Ran 6.4 miles

Wed 8/10: In the morning I did arm stuff.

Using the Tone It Up Arm video for ideas again:
3x12 bicep curl --> shoulder press w/5#
3x12 tricep kickbacks w/5#
3x12 bent over row --> rear fly w/3#
1 set of front + rear(side?) raises w/5#.  It hurt by the 8th rep, so I did 2 more sets with 3#

Then I did...
2x12 pushups on knees
2x5 pushups on toes
35 reps of lower back extension on stability ball
1 minute plank + 50 stability ball crunches, but my abs were still feeling it from Monday.

My Evening 5k, which counted as my 1E/3T/1E run.  Sort of.  My warm up was walking to get my race number and back to my car then over to start.  Maybe it was 2/3 of a mile.  Tempo pace would have been 9:30-9:50.  I ran my 3.1 miles at faster than tempo pace (avg 9:03 pace).  Cool down was walking back to my car to get my water and phone so I could tweet about my stellar run.

Total: 3.1 miles I didn't clock the warm up or cool down, so I'm not counting it.

Thur 8/11: I was feeling the arm/shoulder work I did when I woke up.

Fri 8/12: Super hilly trail run.  This counted as my hill workout, which called for: 1 mi Easy, 5 miles including [5x2 min uphill], 1 mi Easy.  I knew it was going to hurt later.

Total: 6.55 miles

Sat 8/13:  5:15 wake up call to play Airport taxi.  Got home at 8am, napped.  Took the dog for a 40 minute walk. Calves. so. tight.

Sun 8/14: Rained all day.  Was a lazy bum.  Calves still sore.
Long run bumped to Monday Tuesday.
Did some ab stuff: 100 stability ball crunches, 1 minute plank, 100 v-sit twists w/5lbs

Total Miles Run: 16.05 
They were some intense miles.  And sadly did not include my long run.

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The Plan

And, to end with some pictures... 

Today marks FOUR years since Dan and I got married!

 I don't remember what was funny! 

 I liked my flowers.


  1. Happy anniversary!!! What great photos! Awesome workouts too!

  2. Happy Anniversary!!!
    Looks like such a lovely wedding and way to get an aweome workout in :o)

  3. Happy anniversary! I like the photos and the bridal bouquet.

  4. Have a great anniversary!

  5. Happy Anniversary! You make a lovely couple.

  6. I loved seeing your wedding pictures!

  7. Nice job! Way to conquer each and every workout. I love the wedding pics.


    go check out my Giveaway!

  8. Thanks everyone! We had a nice dinner out. Much easier than gifts :)


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